Primary - About Section


TVM Primary  Section

The Primary Section is conducted in the afternoon shift . The Primary Section has a team of well qualified and trained staff to ensure all aspects of education are imparted to realize student's true potential. Absolute care is taken to lay the foundations of education on which a student will base his/ her higher studies.

Admission Criteria:
Std. I - 5+, Std. II - 6+, Std. III - 7+, Std. IV - 8+,STD V  9+ as on 15th of June.

Monday  to Friday: 1:00 pm to 5:40 pm
Saturday: Hoilday

Parents Teacher Meeting on every 2nd Saturday of the month.
(Subject to public holidays & vacation)
Timings: 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

Documents Required:

  • Std. I: Original and a photocopy of Birth Certificate.
  • Std. II to IV: Original Leaving certificate of previous school. Two stamp sized photographs. Students from other states will have to submit leaving certificate of a recognized school duly signed by the education inspector of that state. Students from unrecognized schools will not be accommodated.
  • Students have to submit their previous result, which will be personally scrutinized.
  • A student has to pass an entrance test before being granted admission in the school.



Class Room

The classroom of kiddies well -equipped with the modern amenities which includes teaching aids, charts, A.C., 3-Dimensional learning objects and above all a classroom with computer, with all the modern educational software and programmes for the little stars.


The school has a state of the art AUDIO - VISUAL CENTRE accommodating about 200 students. Our new school building is a 5 storey centrally air conditioned building with 50 classrooms all well equipped with a computer, Television sets with cable connections and informative charts.


Play Corner

A corner for the kids to be one with the nature and experience the touch and the feel of nature.

Swimming Pool

The joy and water exercise that's what Kiddies want…
The tiny tots cooling up all the stress and the tensions in the kiddy pool.

Music And Dance Room

'Music and Dance has charms to soothe', so with musical instruments we have built up a music room and dance room, for our students.

English Linguistic Laboratory

'Language is the armoury of the human mind',Hence we have setup an English Linguistic Laboratory cum T.V Room, having 30 LCD'sfilled with treasure of knowledge,for our students.

Integrated Activities

To end the trend of rote learning and reinforce the learning through several activities.


One legged gameThe game to enhance the balancing skills.

Kho Kho

The best way to develop presence of mind.


Enhance the ability to challenge and co-ordinate different parts of the body, carrom has become a part of the daily indoor activities. 


Regular game introduced to the school to help the student to develop strategic  moves .

Joy Rides

"All Work and no play makes Jack a Dull boy". Keeping this in mind for our tiny tots, the joy rides are installed where the tiny tots excitingly enter into the world of joy.

Computer Lab


Primary Co-ordinators/Teachers:

Std/Div Name Qualification Designation Subject Taught Experience
  Mrs. Anuradha U. Kamath
M. Com. (Business) 1984, B. Ed. (School Administration & Management) 1986 Principal 23 yrs
Mrs.Seema Ravi Prasad
M. A., B. Ed. Supervisor cum Asst.Teacher Maths,EVS,G.k 19 yrs
I- A Ms.Nikita Suryakant Nalawade
H. S. C , E. C. C. Ed Asst.Teacher English,Maths,G.K,PT,Project,Craft,Computer Theory 10 yrs
I- B Ms. Olive J. Gonsalves
B.A. Asst.Teacher English,Maths,GK,PT,Project,Craft,Computer Theory 19 yrs
I- C Ms. Lata Shetty M.COM, B.Ed Asst. Teacher English,Maths,GK,PT,Project,Craft,Computer Theory 16 yrs
I- D Ms Clara .R. D'Souza B.Com,M.A. B.Ed Asst. Teacher English,Maths,GK,PT,Project,Craft,Computer Theory 26 yrs
I- E Ms. Puja Sant
B. Pharma, MBA Asst.Teacher English,Maths,GK,PT,Project,Craft,Computer Theory 3 yrs
I- F Ms. Aruna Dubey
M.A , B.Ed Asst.Teacher English,Maths,GK,PT,Project,Craft,Computer Theory 10 yrs
I- G Ms. Valentina Lopes
H.Sc. D.T.Ed Asst.Teacher English,Maths,GK,PT,Project,Craft,Computer Theory Fresher
II- A Ms Kausar Shaikh
H.S.C, D.Ed. Asst.Teacher English,Maths,Craft,Project,PT 11 yrs
II- B Ms Greena D'Souza
H.S.C, D.T.Ed. Asst.Teacher English,Maths,Craft,Project,PT Fresher
II- C Ms Belrina Nunes
H.S.C,D.T.Ed Asst.Teacher English,Maths,Craft,Project,PT Fresher
II- D Ms. Archana Rao
H. S. C., D. Ed. Asst.Teacher and Coordinator for STD II English,Maths,Craft,Project,PT 21 yrs
II- E Ms Lenna D'Mello H. S. C., D.T.Ed Asst. Teacher English,Maths,Craft,Project,PT Fresher
II- F Ms Nikita Farel H. S. C., D.T.Ed Asst. Teacher English,Maths,Craft,Project,PT 2 yrs
II- G Ms Sammurddhi Patil
H. S. C., D.T. Ed Asst.Teacher English,Maths,Craft,Project,PT Fresher
III- A Ms. Ritu Shinde
H. S. C, D. Ed. Asst.Teacher and Coordinator for STD III Std III, IV E.V.S 21 yrs
III- B Ms. Hema Desia H.Sc., D.T.Ed. Asst. Teacher Std III, IV - English, E.V.S, Craft, Calligraphy. 1 yrs
III- C Ms. Nasim S Shaikh
H.Sc., D.T.Ed. Asst.Teacher Std III, IV-English, Project ,Craft Fresher
III- D Ms. Daksha Patel
B. A,B.Ed Asst.Teacher Std III - EVS ,Project,G.K,Craft,Std V - G.K 17 yrs
III- E Ms. Parul Shastri
B.A,N.T.T Asst.Teacher Std I,II,III,IV- Hindi 2 yr
III- F Ms.Nandini Jogale
B.Com, B.Ed, Diploma in Computer Asst. Teacher Std III EVS ,Maths, Project,Std V - G.K 12 yr
III- G Ms.Preeti Prasad
M.Com,B.Com,B.Ed Asst. Teacher Std III, IV- English,EVS II 3 yrs
IV- A Ms. Roselind Amanna
B. A, ECCE,B. Ed Asst. Teacher Std IV, V English ,Std V -EVS II,GK,Std-IV Gk ,Drama 24 yrs
IV- B Ms. Sharada Shetty
B.A, BEd. Asst.Teacher Std IV, V English 31 yrs
IV- C Ms.Priyadarshni Sahu
M.A,B.Ed Asst. Teacher Std III Maths,EVS II 12 yrs
IV- D Ms. Shefali Rathod
B.A, D.Ed Asst.Teacher Std V Maths,EVS I,G.K 16yr
IV- E Ms. Kiran Gupta
B. A , D. Ed. Asst.Teacher Std IV Maths,EVS -I,Std III ,IV, V-Craft,Library,Project, Outdoor Std V EVS-I 11 yrs
IV- F Ms. Pratima Rokade
B. Sc., M. A. (Education), B. Ed. Asst.Teacher and Coordinator for STD IV Std IV Maths,EVS,G.K,Project,Craft, Std-V Maths 20 yrs
IV- G Ms. Sangeeta Arvind Kamat B. Com.,B. Ed. Asst. Teacher Std IV, V Enghisl,E.V.S II 24 yrs
V- A Ms. Reenal Anton H.S.C.,D.Ed. Asst. Teacher Std V Maths,EVS I 2 yrs
V- B Ms. Shobha Kakade B.A.,D.Ed. Asst.Teacher and Coordinator for STD V Std -III, IV, V Marathi 16 yrs
V- C Ms. Arti Shah
B.Com , B. Ed. Asst.Teacher Std V Maths,EVS 15.6 yrs
V- D Ms. Ankit Baptista
M.Com,B.Ed. Asst.Teacher Std III,IV, V English,EVS II 1 yrs
V- E Ms. Reshma Varma
M. Com.,B. Ed. Asst. Teacher Std I ,II,IV V Hindi 10 yrs
V- F Ms. Sneha Tiwari
M.A, D. Ed. Asst. Teacher Std II.III,IV,V Hindi STd II,III Computers 9 yrs
V- G Ms.Cecelia Colaco
M. A.,B. Ed. Asst. Teacher Std II, III,IV,V Marathi 16 yrs



Subject & Activity Teachers:

Name Qualification Designation Subject Taught Experience
Ms. Arunima Verma
B. A., Diploma in Hindi and Music,Prabhakar in Music Asst. Teacher Std I to V Music,Std V Hindi 19 yrs
Ms. Christal Andrades
B. A., B. Ed. Asst. Teacher Std I to V Dance.Marathi 11 yrs
Ms. Shamal Adgulwar M. A.,B. Ed. Asst. Teacher Std I to V Sanskrit 10 yrs
Ms. Manisha Pawar
M.A.,B.Ed. Asst.Teacher Std I to III Marathi 5 yrs
Ms. Parvati Shetty
B.Com,B.Ed Asst.Teacher Std I-II,English,Std III-Library,Calligraphy,Maths,Std III to V Craft ,Std IV G.k,Project 14 yrs
Ms. Shruti Nair
S.Y.B.A , Diploma in IT Asst. Teacher Std I to V MIL, Computers 7 yrs
Mr. Santosh kanse
B.A,Art Teacher Diploma Asst.Teacher Std I to V Drawing 10 yrs
Ms.Kriti Chauhan MCA. Asst.Teacher Std III to V Computers Fresher
Ms.Meghna Singh M.Com, B.Ed Asst.Teacher Std III To IV Abacus 6 yrs
Ms. Jalpa Upadhyaya BCA, Asst.Teacher Std I To III Abacus 5.5yrs
Mr. Mahesh Sawant H.S.C , Diploma in Commercial Art Asst.Teacher Std I to V Calligraphy,Art 19 yrs