Secondary - About Section


TVM - Secondary

The Secondary section is conducted in the morning shift starting at 6.55 am. The section is headed by a group of professionally trained and qualified teachers who are keen on trying out new methods for the betterment of the process of education.

Admission Criteria:
Age as on 15th of June

Documentry Requirement:
Original Leaving Certificate of previous school, two stamp sized photographs. Students from other states will have to submit leaving certificate of a recognized school duly signed by education inspector of that state. Students from unrecognized schools will not be accommodated.

Monday  to Friday:  7:10 am to 12:45 pm.

Parents Teacher Meeting on every 2nd Saturday of the month. (Subject to public holidays & vacation)
Timings: 7:30 am to 9:30 am





The library has nearly 20,000 books covering every subject and topics of students interest. Library also has a good collection of educational cassettes and CDS .The library is continuously updated to maintain the standard.



'Music has charms to soothe', so with musical instruments we have built up a music room, for our students.



'Creativity has no limit'. The right place for the students to help their imagination run wild and put it on the canvas

Secondary ASSEMBLY:

The Assembly teaches us the Value of life through morning prayers, hymns and value based skills



'Football' for bringing discipline and building teamwork quality.


'Volleyball' - for physical strength.



Special Feature

'The largest room in the world is the room for improvement'.

  • We take a lot of remedial measures for the improvement of weak students by informing their parents every fortnight and giving guidance after the school hours and thus we check their improvement constantly.
  • A full time counselor is appointed to interact with the students and their parents.
  • Special attentions to students appearing in Boards in helping them cope with examination anxiety.
  • Individual attention, special care , provision and training of students with learning problems and suffering from Dyslexia.
  • Workshops organized for teachers for Inculcation of skills to handle children with behavioral problems.
  • The teachers every fortnight discuss topics related to student's notes , revision , excursions and intra and inter school competitions.


Secondary Co-ordinators/Teachers:

Std/Div Name Qualification Designation Subject Taught Experience
  Mrs. Anuradha Kamath M.Com., B.Ed Principal   22 yrs
  Mr. Shailesh Singh
B.Sc., B.Ed
HM Head of Geometry, Examination Incharge, S.S.C. Exam Center Incharge. 17 yrs
  Mr. Nitin Mhapsekar
B.Sc., B. Ed
Supervisor Head of Science, Press Conductor of S.S.C. Exam, Examination Incharge, Activity Incharge 17 yrs
VI A Mr. Dinesh Mishra M.Sc,B.Ed Asst. Teacher Science, Algebra 17 yrs
VI B Ms. Saroj Uniya M.Sc , B.Ed. Asst. Teacher Maths 18 yrs
VI C Ms. Vaishali Kulkarni                 B.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher Marathi 18 yrs
VI D Ms. Radhika Yadav B.Com.,B.Ed Asst. Teacher English, E- learning 3 yrs
VI E Ms. Drashti Shah B.Com,B.Ed Asst. Teacher History 1 yr
VI F Ms. Megha Sawant M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher Sanskrit, Marathi 6 yrs
VI G Ms. Rumpa Sanpui M.SC, B.Ed. Asst. Teacher Science, English 6.5 yrs
VII A Ms.Shilpa Kasliwal M.Sc(biotechnology),B.Ed Asst. Teacher Science 8 yrs
VII B Ms. Richa Richharia M.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher Maths 18 yrs
VII C Ms. Veena Manchanda M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher Hindi 31 yrs
VII D Mr.Kapil Joshi M.Sc(Biotechnology),Cambridge CELTA. Asst. Teacher Personality Development & G.K. 7 yrs
VII E Ms.Nivedita Singh M.Com. Asst. Teacher English & Geography 5 yrs
VII F Ms.Cheryl Fernandes M.A ,B.Ed Asst. Teacher English, History & Geo
16.7 yrs
VII G Ms. Vidya Vaze M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher Marathi 22 yrs
VIII A Ms. Maumita Dutta M.Sc, B.Ed. Asst. Teacher Science 9 yrs
VIII B Mr. Jacob Varghese B.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher Maths 26 yrs
VIII C Ms. Cicilia Almeida B.A., B.Ed Asst. Teacher Marathi 22 yrs
VIII D Ms. Lourdes Joseph
B.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher English & Geography 24 yrs
VIII E Ms. Vidhi B.E. EXTC Asst. Teacher Computer 3.7 yrs
VIII F Ms. Geeta Mishra M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher History 17 yrs
VIII G Ms. Minal Joshi   Asst. Teacher   6 yrs
IX A Mr.Satyaprakash Dubey B.Sc.,B.Ed Asst. Teacher Maths, Geometery 17 yrs
IX B Mr. D Shukla M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher English, Sanskrit 12 yrs
IX C Ms. Priyanka Iswalkar M.A., B.Ed Asst. Teacher Marathi 23 yrs
IX D Mr.Raju Pagare B.Ed,B.Com,B.Th,WesternPhilosophy,Indian Philosophy Asst. Teacher History 16 yrs
IX E Ms. Ruhi Shaikh
M.A, B.Ed. Asst. Teacher History, Geography 17 yrs
IX F Ms. Jaya Prakash B.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher English 7 yrs
IX G Ms. Priyanka Ojha M.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher Science, English 6.5 yrs
X A Ms. Kamini Sharma M.A., B.Ed Asst. Teacher Hindi 23 yrs
X B Mr. Anil Tiwari B.Com., Higher Diploma In Software Engineering (HDSE),B.Ed Asst. Teacher Maths, Algebra 17 yrs
X C Ms. Lily Rasquinha M.A., B.Ed Asst. Teacher English 12 yrs
X D Mr. Gopal Mishra M.A., B.Ed Asst. Teacher Sanskrit 7 yrs
X E Ms. Seema

B. A. (Hindi, Sanskrit, Political Science)B. P. Ed. 1996

Asst. Teacher P.T. / Sports 27 yrs
X F Ms. Vinita Parab B.A., B.Ed Asst. Teacher Geography 24 yrs
X G Mr. Balasaheb Patil M.A., B.Ed Asst. Teacher Marathi 20 yrs



Subject & Activity Teachers:

Name Qualification Designation Subject Taught Experience
Mr. Amey Jagtap G.D. Arts Art Teacher Drawing/ Craf 11 yrs
Ms. Seema Pandya B. A. (Hindi, Sanskrit, Political Science) 1994 B. P. Ed. 1996 Sports P.T. / Sports 16 yrs
Mr. Lawerence Bing B.COM. 2002, B.P.Ed 2005, M. P. Ed. (Persuing) Sports Sports yrs
Ms. Mona Jha B.Com Sports P.T. / Sports 4 yrs
Ms. Pooja Katre B.Com Sports P.T. / Sports 2 yrs
Ms. Meher Priyanka B.A. B.P.Ed. Yoga Yoga yrs
Ms. Kanan Raja B.Com. ECCE Librarian cum Clerk Librarian cum Clerk 15 yrs
Ms. Asha Chavan B.A. Indoor Games Indoor Games 9 yr
Ms. Meghna Abacus Abacus
Ms. Asha Joshi Abacus Abacus